Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sharma Sends Clark Mountain Super Proj

I've called a lot of things futuristic in my time-usually a move on my friends woody that I can barely stick. Or a 5.5 chosspile I screamed my way up while soloing in flip flops. Most things I've called "futuristic" are in fact, damn near prehistoric. I always choose choose irony over good diction.

Today, that changes.

If you saw King Lines, your jaw was probably sitting in your lap when you saw Sharma's super project at Clark Mountain. The fucker is 240 feet long and unbelievably steep. It has essentially zero rests. Working it results in repeated 60 foot whippers-longer than most routes I've done. Well, Sharma sent the thing Thursday.

VIDEO REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE. SORRY YA'LL. (go buy King Line's it's definitely worth it. KICK ASS MOVIE)

Now that, my friends, is Futuristic.

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