Monday, August 11, 2008

XXIX Olympiad

Oh the Olympics. They are on and they make me feel good. I like watching Michael Phelps kick ass. We are all amazed because he's breaking world records and winning gold medals at age 23, but don't forget that those world records are likely his and he probably did them in the last Olympics (maybe) which was four years ago. I'm psyched to watch Misty May play volleyball in the sand and Logan Tom indoors (I'm just a man). Hell, I even enjoyed watching Dalhausser and Rogers ('cept when they lost to Latvia (who the fuck is Latvia?)). I really liked seeing our gymnasts do some good even though everyone seems to be hurt on both the dudes and girls teams. I watched syncronized diving when we didn't place and women's fencing when we swept the podium (fencing is awwwkward). Basically I like America. I think we are pretty cool.

I confessed to a friend the other day that a new Budweiser commercial got me a little choked up. There are all these good 'ol 'Murkan people doing good 'ol Merican working class things. Like drinking beer and farming. Then it breaks into some fancy stuff and I just thought man, I like America, and I like freedom bomb Budweisers! My friend gently reminded me that Budweiser just got bought by Belgium beer giant InBev, but whatever. I didn't much care. I realized every man has his price. Our men's sand volleyball team members are both wearing Oakley frames in each of their matches. Oakley frames that don't have lenses in them... which is about the only thing the terrible announcers can focus on it seems in their games. This year's Olympics are being held in the most elaborate collection of stadiums and arenas (read expensive) had the most elaborate opening ceremonies (also read expensive) and probably has some of the richer young people in the world that do nothing swim, run, play basketball (Go Redeem Team 2008), or play beach volleyball etc. This to me is awesome. These are my heroes. Not because they are all younger than me and already accomplished much more than me , but because people like Michael Phelps figured out how to do nothing but eat, sleep, play videogames, and occasionally break a world record swimming a few lengths of a pool. This is what I'm looking to do (except not swimming). As much as I'd like for P&C here to be paying the bills, it's most definitely not. And neither is climbing for that matter, which mostly may be due to the fact that I'm an average climber at best on the grand scale of things. Not that I expect any of that to pay me any money. I'm just sayin'.

Actually, I just reread what I just wrote and I have no idea where I'm going with this post. I think I just wanted to write about the Olympics in Red China. Also I may or may not be drunk at this very moment. Happy Olympics everyone.

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MrBiaki said...

The participants of women fencing are scary scary chicks!!!

The amount of screaming and the fact that their sport consists of stabbing and somewhat slicing their opponents is somewhat greatly un-nerving.