Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cornhusker Cranking

Being flatlanders, we give mucho props to those climbers out there that come from states where the only thing rock is pushed on a street corner across the tracks. Maintaining motivation for climbing hard in these stone deprived states is a challenge that detours most would be hardmen of places like Kansas City, Omaha, and Oklahoma City. Driving hours to the nearest crag for a weekend or a day seems silly now to those of us out west that have quality crags in our backyard, but these certain climbers with industrial size amounts of psyche do it week in and week out to fullfill their needs. One such individual is none other than Nebraskan Chris Rolling.

Chris, his girlfriend Nicole, and our good buddy Lucas Marshall showed up on our doorstep Friday evening, they had just spent 7 hours in the car to come for one route. Chris had set his eyes on Sonic Youth, a 5.13a front range testpiece here in our very own Golden, Colorado. Having been on the route a few times before from random trips to the frange, Chris had his psyche and beta all holstered up and ready to throw down come high noon. We warmed up at High Wire Crag across the river and in the sun, and despite seeing on of the scariest gumby moments of my life (another blog for another time), we packed up and headed over to Sonic. Underneath this grandeous dihedral, the weather was perfect, friction was good, and the energy high. After one little beta jog attempt, some rest, and my flailing ass, Chris pulled the rope and pissed all over one of Colorado's most sought after 5.13s.

So here's to you Chris, an official Okie dab for being a flatlander, staying motivated, and cranking the shit out of Sonic. Werd!


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