Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Yokals

It seems that we always hear about the same big names of climbing sending V-impossible or 5.-ridiculous, and although that is very newsworthy it is also nice to hear about the local scene. In this crazy front range land hardmen and women seem to be abundant. The sport climbing and bouldering scene broods with sexy bodies climbing all kinds of hard bolt-clipping lines from Shelf Road to Boulder Canyon to Rifle. 

However, there are those few out there that seek hard traditional lines as well. One of these gear plugging gurus is Cassidy Hill of Golden, Colorado. Since 'Cass' left the Land of Enchantment some 9 years ago for the rock and snow of the Colorado Rockies he has culminated an impressive resume of hard, scary, bold, and maybe sometimes stupid traditional sends from the Granite crack systems of the Diamond to the Sandstone trickery of Eldorado Canyon State Park and everywhere else in between. As Cass would explain this resume came to a head last weekend when he redpointed a route that rarely gets repeated at the Rincon Wall of Eldo. 

This route, made famous in the climbing film Front Range Freaks, is hard, real hard. You may remember in that film the legendary Cameron Tague (originally from Edmond, Oklahoma!) taking super whippers on gear  small enough to clean your earwax build up. The route is The Evictor (5.12dR), whutttt! 

Cassidy seems to be anointed with the Sickness lately, crushing everything that stands in his way. Excellent send Cass. Your scorecard thanks you! Peep the vid of Cass cruising the Evictor.

Also check out all the amazing  gear deals on Cass's website: The Climb Shop

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