Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gravity Brawl 2008

I am feeling particularly resentful of this sometimes unrelenting city today. It's loud. Between the subways, cabs, straphangers, tourists and vagrants I find myself frowning a lot. Especially while it pisses rain outside. Tomorrow should be beautiful, however. 

It is not tomorrow yet, though, so i searched a little and remembered why I like where I live at le
ast a little bit. 

I drove to New Jersey this last weekend for the 2008 Mammut Gravity Brawl

I got to watch Matt Bosley, Kevin Jorgeson and Rob D'Anastasio and others duke it out in the finals with la femmes Alex Johnson, Paige Claassen and other hard pulling women sorting out their differences via colorful plastic blobs and techno music. 

It was a spectacle to be sure. The lights. The people. The energy (ugh please forgive me but it's true). It all came together to bring me a little piece of climbing love. I remembered why I fell in love with this sport and why I continue in poverty to keep at it.

Here are some photos fro
m the event. They are by no means excellent photos at all, rather just some of what went on. Shit I don't even know all these guys names which may be even bette. They were climbing and got me psyched. 
Enjoy and keep climbing. 

(click the pics for larger versions) (edit: ugh. more pics coming. technical difficulties.)

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joy said...

miss you all.... see you late july???? whiskey wed please