Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Would you rather: be fat?

Wow. I'm taken aback really.
According to our poll 46% of you (25 people) said they would totally gain 10 lbs of FAT and keep it on for the rest of their lives in exchange for a million dollars. Only 40% (22 people) said "no weight."

Maybe it only surprises me because I'm totally vain, but I say fuck fat. I'll make my own million dollars (highly unlikely). It's absolutely ridiculous for me to think about 20 or 30 lbs. Holy goodness.

I confessed all this to my dad. I told him I felt bad because in the end it's just a little weight, but since he's my dad and he's awesome, he completely defended me bringing to light the fact that most climbers depend on a certain "lightness" to make pulling our asses off the ground and up the side of cliffs, so if climbing is what i really loved it's not too far off to expect me not to want to gain any extra weight that can't be turned into muscles or lost completely.

That all made me feel better.

I'm still confused about the five of you that voted for an extra 20 lbs. I mean. If you're gaining 20 why not more? Why stop there? I don't get it.

And to the two who voted 30+. Congratulations. You've proved you could give a shit what you look like so long as you're rich. Come to new York and I'll buy you something fried from the a street meat vendor.

Be on the look out the rest of today. P&C has some very special things in store.

Also please send any WYR ideas to If we use it we'll buy you a beer if we ever see you in person.

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