Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spot Fixation

Summertime 07: The sun peeks its head through the window, I feel warm, real warm. Waking up, I remember, I am supposed to go climbing today, fun! As my senses come to, I realize that something is amiss. I am sweating profusely, I smell a mixture of balls, booze, and dirty feet. I am in my sleeping bag? I roll over, I am in the back of my rig? Steven Charles is here? Wow, brain overload. Speaking of brain, mine hurts. I unzip my bag and peel the sweat soaked t-shirt from my torso and open the hatch to my camper shell. It's early, but hot. I think I woke Steven, but I'm not sure. Luckily, I have bivied in the parking lot of Noa Noa, our little coffee shop hang here in Golden. Coffee good. I reach behind the seat and grab a shirt and stroll into get some wake up juice. Steven stumbles out, I think his brain hurts too.

Steven had called me from the road as he was on his way into Golden, I told him to meet me at the spot. I remember sitting on the patio sipping brews and blowing smoke, but what else happened? How did I end up in camping in the parking lot? I already knew the answer before I asked it because I was all to familiar with The Spot bivy. Seems we shut the bar down and decided not to drive, good for us. However, we also decided not to walk home, maybe because we were a little worried about navigating the dangerous streets of Golden so late at night, but probably not. We overindulged? No. Couldn't be. We were going climbing, that's why Steven came, to climb, what were we thinking? Oh well, we had been in this position before, probably too many times before, but we knew the drill. Coffee. Water. Food. Cigarette. More coffee. More water, then sending! That is the theory at least, 60% of the time it works, everytime.

I can't remember the crag we went to. I don't remember if I climbed harder than 5.8. I can remember this though, I had a great time! So, basically, this blog is a sort of toast to The Spot. Thanks for causing many a would be redpoint to drown in the hops, barley, and booze that pours from your tap! Cheers.

Pic Numero Uno:Icelandic dude demolishing a Triple Beer waterfall.
Numero Dos: Steven Charles pimpin!
Numero Tres: Steven Charles crimpin! photo: Wig

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Andrew said...

Nice blog, d bag. You guys need to keep writing. I get a kick out of all of this material.

dachoppera said...

I love you!

steven charles said...

how did i miss this blog until just now?! thanks for the shout out mutha licka. great memory.