Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday

Hooray for Wednesday! Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I usually like to get it up before I leave the house on Wed, but my computer was not cooperating. Alas, you will have to raise your little shot glasses a little later today, but not lower. This week's Whiskey Wednesday Shot goes out to none other than our very own Derek Peavey! To preface this shot with a little history, Derek, Arnold and myself have been working a project in the CCC, off and on, for the past 6 or so months. If you've had any contact with any one of us during this time, then you have most definitely heard about Stuffed Wolf. What can I say? It's like get up and go, no resty rests, pinchpalooza, mono-finger locks, techy feet, steep, intimidating, crazy loveliness. Sitting atop a little perch all by its lonesome is Stuffed Wolf, magnificent shining in the evening light. We have all gone from psyched to scared to frustrated to angry to sad to psyched again. Derek cleaned house yesterday evening however, when he finally walked up to the route and walked up the route. Hitting the crux pinch with style, Derek moved through the next tough moves with ease. Then comes the redpoint crux up high, trying to keep your shit together while making exteremly technical 5.12 moves! He persevered, clipped the chains, and gave a little yell. Psyched!!! Nice work Derek, here's too you and Stuffing wolfs. Cheers!


jake.sloan1 said...

the boys at the admiral house will take a shot for you andrew! Love the site!


wig said...

ha thanks man do it for all three of us P&Cers and especially derek for a helluva fuckin send. for real.