Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Shit Friday (update)

Okay, so the competition is over. Actually it was over in about half an hour because of the intrepid Lucas Marshall.

This is him. Isn't he a strapping young lad? 
Well he is now at least. He won a free VIP La Sportiva one time use pro-deal card getting him access to the wonderful La Sportiva products at a discounted rate. woohoo. 

His (correct) answers: 
1. Warren Harding
2. Garda (hitch/knot)
3. Metolius
4. Rifle
5. Mickey's Beach
6. Ceuce, France
7. Tuolumne
8. Gunks
9. Switzerland
10. MadRock
bonus: "I would have to say because you are hung like a blue whale"
(editor's note: While I will neither confirm nor deny this claim, it is in fact the wrong answer to the bonus questions. However, he did not need it so it doesn't matter.)

So there there you go. Here are some highlights from the people who did not win but gave a valiant effort:
1. Katie Brown
3. Metolius, those are sick. you can pump so hard with em.
10. Christian Louboutin

also. from a very special friend:
Warren (Drunkard) Harding
Munter (Ze Germans)
France (I hate that word) 
Mad Cock (I mean rock) 
Bonus: Do you have a big ween?

(editor's note part 2: I almost let him win even though he didn't even answer all the questions. Also, why does everyone think I have something large downstairs. I'm honored.)

Tune in next week for more free shit!

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