Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Me

I'm calling it. Spring has officially arrived, FINALLY! For us up here it has been long anticipated. Being teased for weeks with a day here and a day there is frustrating, but alas, I think we are finally in the clear. Skiers are whining, climbers are salivating. The longer days allow us to sess after work in sunset lit crags like the Bastille, Anarchy, or the boulders of Flag. Suddenly, we have switched from seeking sun to shade and it won't be long before we are hiking up to higher elevation in attempts to escape front range heat. Some things that make us happy about spring:

1: Longer Days
2: Warmer Weather
3: Green Stuff
4: Short Shorts and Sun Dresses
5: Flip Flops
6: BBQ's

Short Addendum to the Spring blog: Along with spring comes cleaning. These two go hand in hand like peas and carrots, cowboys and indians, beer and brats. Arnie and I did some spring cleaning today at the house which inspired me to clean my rig too. Oh boy, and hour and a half after I started, 15 water jug bottles, countless snickers wrappers, 11 coffee mugs, a laundry bag full of clothes, 5 lbs of dog hair, some puke, and 9 ink pens later my red carriage was clean as a whistle. Ready for the summer, the road, and $4.00 gallons of gas!

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John said...

Adam, Megan asked me if you could please not throw away the throw up she threw in your back seat. Thanks you. ~JP