Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bahama Mamas, Bones, and Brews

If you ever wanted to be jealous of me, now is the time. This Wednesday I hang up the quickdraws and sticky rubber boots for flip flops, board shorts, and fly rods. A group of college brahinis and myself try to make it a point to get together every spring, origially for St. Patty's day, but now just a spring get together. Last year we drove ourselves out to the sandstone walls of Red Rocks in Neveda for 5 days. Actually, we only climbed two of those days and even got snowed off a route on the first day, but that is neither here nor there. This year we have been planning on a luxurious bahamian fly fishing excursion! Stay tuned, as I will most definitley have the laptop with me and be posting, probably mostly under the influence of island rum carried by native girls in grass skirts and coconut bras, so it should be interesting.

Oh, and if Amanda B., or cute climber of the week is reading this, then I would absolutely take you to the island. Although it isn't the V.G., no rocks to speak of, and I probably couldn't pay for it all, I would buy you a spicy seafood raspberry pineapple pancake with oatmeal and brown sugar on the side and as many Mojitos as you could stand. Let me know if you are interested.


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