Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Grrrr, not Grrrr as in Tony the Tiger's slogan, GRRREEEAAATTTT! This grrr, is more like Sam when you wake her unexpectedly from a nice nap in the sun. Frustrated and annoyed. Seems I have been feeling a little sluggish in the climbing category as of late. As the spring arrived I was psyched and feeling strong, doing harder routes in less tries, onsighting, and getting ready for warmer weather and climbing after work. The culmination of my spring energy must have peaked on Easter sunday when I did Road Warrior second try, onsighted Road Rash Roof, and sent Finger Prince second try. Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits! I was psyched! However, and there always is a however, my exciting winter resurrection has since been quashed by low energy, heaviness, low motivation, and whatever other excuse you would like to insert. It seems that post Easter I have been getting worked on nearly everything I have tried. Today I went bouldering after work at Flagstaff. Grrr, I was getting spanked, once again. I have nothing, but that is the thing about climbing and climbing day in and day out. You have this Ebb and Flow. Sometimes you can't help but crush the pea out of things and other times you can't help but flail. Right now, you could say I was flailing. I guess Passover is this Sunday, so we can see if Religious holidays play an important role in all this, and if so, just watch out! I am going to be the most post-modernly superstitious person you have ever roped up with. Lying in wait until Kwanza, Dharma Day, Ramadan, and of course Easter!

Desperately needing some psyche,



Andrew said...

You'll be alright buddy. Look at the bright side: You are single, get outside 250 times a year, and live on the front range. I'm a 30 year old divorcee who lives with his parents in Oklahoma, with a popped tendon and bad gas. Piss off.

wig said...

yeah but you're much better looking than adam.

dachoppera said...

and your dong is gigantic

Andrew said...

True....on both accounts.