Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oklahoma Land Run

Today I'm raising a beer to Oklahoma (much like I do most days I suppose) because on this day in 1889 around 50,000 people lined up, waited for the gunshot and rode into Oklahoma and began claiming their new land in the land run.

So have a drink in honor of our state today, and read this NYT article from 1889 about the land run. Learn some history. Notable quote from the article:
"The other day Chief Deputy Ensley discovered a barrel of beer on the platform of the station at Norman, and he destroyed it in the presence and to the infinite disgust of dozens of thirsty travelers."

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Andrew said...

That'd be pretty sweet if we still had land runs today. Every 7 years all the people in the United States had to give up the land they owned and we all started over with a big land run. Cool.