Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Shit Friday

So I was thinking about Friday and how awesome it is. I wanted to do something special for our... what probably 16 readers? maybe? So i thought, "Hey, let's do Free Shit Friday!"

Perfect right?
So check it out. So the winner of the first Free Shit Friday will receive a La Sportiva VIP pass to their website for a one time use pro-deal on whatever they have. I checked it out the other day, and the discount knocks a good chunk of change off a new pair of shoes or really whatever you're going to be getting. If you're broke like me every dollar counts.


The first person to email me the CORRECT answers to the following questions will receive the very coveted prize.


1. Who was the first person to do The Nose on El Capitan?
2. What knot (well...hitch I guess) uses two carabiners and allows rope to be fed in one direction but locks when pulls the other direction?
3. What company makes the new cams that look an awful lot like Aliens?
Where are the following routes located:
4. Pump-o-rama (5.13a)
5. Surf Safari (5.13d)
6. Biographe (5.14d)
7. Shipoopi! (5.11d)
8. Foops (5.11)
9. Dream Time (V15)
10. What climbing shoe company uses "Science Friction" technology with their climbing shoes?

bonus (correct answer will be substituted for one wrong answer): Why on earth would anyone call me Tripod, The Triumvirate, Tre, Triplet, etc. ?

Email all answers to with Free Shit Friday 1 in the subject line

Alright get to it!

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