Friday, April 25, 2008

Mini Pimpers and Crimpers Unite

Tribute to the 11 middle and high school kids that I spent this last week with. For those of you that don't know, the Watershed School in Boulder is the hippest escuela out there. I was privileged enough to help teach a week long intensive on Rock climbing this week with the lovely Vanessa Compton.

What other school have you heard of that lets its kids ditch the normal curriculum for a week to figure out what this thing called rock climbing means? After going over some basics on Monday morning we have been climbing everyday this week! The students got to visit three crags in Boulder Canyon, the Boulder Rock Club, and North Table Mountain here in Golden. Our mini pimpers and crimpers were awesome and definitely reminded me of how crazy psyched I was when I first started climbing. Here's to Austin, Andy, Miranda, Zoe, Emmy, Eva, Sean, Simon, Jordan, Peter, and Taya. Not that they are going to read this blog b/c often times it lives in the land of PG-13 and beyond, but you guys were great!

Pic: Vanessa on Empire of the Fenceless.


Andrew said...

Maybe you should have done Whiskey Wednesday for the kids?

Bronco said...

WOW! You are ridiculous.

Cassidy said...

Great pic of Vanessa on an awesome climb! MAD props to the grom's gettin' psyched for sending!