Sunday, April 13, 2008

The first ever house party was a success. I'm givin' props to peterman for kick starting the night. You see that giant growler Jen's chugging in true kentucky style? That's adam's idea of a pint. werd. We drank, we ate, we smoked, we danced, it was one hell of a shindig. I somehow ended with ski goggles on. I smashed cake in somebody's face. And somebody dumped spaghetti on my head. I've spent the day picking dried tomato sauce out places you wouldn't believe.

I know that you're probably consoling your agony over missing out by thinking about how shitty we must feel today. And you're no doubt hoping that I'm now going to opine about my splitting headache and my stomach that feels like its full of battery acid. Psyche! No hangover and a spectacular day of cranking and crimping. That's just one of many little tricks of the P & C lifestyle that our lucky intern will learn.

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