Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday

Ahhh, Wednesdays. The mid-week, hump-day, and Whiskey Wednesday. Just imagine a darkly lit dive bar, underground, playing tunes from the juke box you actually know, this little paradise is place called The Sundowner or the Scumdowner. Wednesdays at the Downer are a sight to behold. For a measly $3 one can purchase a delicious shot of Early Times whiskey AND a Pint of PBR! Wow, if that isn't the best deal in town, I don't know what is. The AAA have extensive knowledge and experience at Whiskey Wednesdays and make it a tradition not to missed when visitors happen to make it into town on a Wednesday. I won't give away all our Whiskey Wednesday secrets in this blog because I want all of you salivating for your oppurtunity to join us on one of these splendid Wednesday nights in Boulder.

In memorial to Whiskey Wednesday, I will be rearing my virtual shot of whiskey to someone that P&C thinks deserves a shot, would like to drink with, or has drank with. The first Whiskey Wednesday shot is raised to the Huber Brothers. Who better to drink with than the Hubers. Big Wall free routes, Austrian, and clad in Leather and Denim. AWESOME!

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dachoppera said...

drink one for me...and stay at a random girls house...and puke on pearl st.