Friday, April 11, 2008

Free Shit Friday #2 (update)

Was this one too hard for you little sissies?

The answers were all in wikipedia for goodness sakes.

I'm disappointed in all of my Oklahoma brethren. Very disappointed.

The correct answers by Angie from a mysterious Derek Peavey email address...

1.End of oct. 07
2.Dick and mac macdonald, San Bernardino, Ca 1940
3.Two all beef patties/special sause/letuce/cheese/pickles
/onions/on a sesame seed bun.
4.Ronald Mcdonald and he started the Ronald mcdonald house charities.

Now technically the last answer was incorrect but I realize now that maybe not all the McDonald's have the plaque I'm thinking of, so I'm letting this one slide as they probably have this plaque as well.

This is the one I was thinking of:

But whatever I don't care. This week's winner is "angie" or Derek Peavey. Or someone. who knows. Tune in next friday for a better prize.

1 comment:

dachoppera said...

no fukin joke...i read this and decided to eat mcd's instead of answering that shit