Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday

Merry Wednesday and Happy Mid-Week. Last night we celebrated the birth of Cassidy Hill in the People's Republic, by celebrate I mean we indulged in libations, many libations. So, I guess I jump started my Whiskey Wednesday festivities. My night ended by hugging Cass no less than 10 times and telling him "I love you man." Guess I get emotional when I drink. Anyhoo, on to hump-day heros...This Wednesday we acknowledge a powerful force in sport climbing. If you don't recognize the name Patxi, then emerge from your Platonic cave. This Basque national treasure has been exploding this year. World Cup Champion this, Mr. 5.15a that, I can onsight 5.14c! Could this little Basque boy be the greatest sport climber of all time? Time is telling, what's next for Mr. Patxi 9b? We shall see.

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