Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day in the Park—RMNP

Lily Lake
Yesterday was my first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park this season and I had the privilege of bouldering with John Cardwell and Carlo Traversi. The temps were a little warm for hard sends and the mosquitos were starving, but it was gorgeous. So, I decided to soak it all in—with my camera.

John Cardwell explains what the hell is on his back to fellow hikers

There's no place like the park, there's no place like the park...

John Cardwell trying Nothing but Sunshine

Chad Greedy lapping Handicapps

Carlo Traversi with the moves

Lake Haiyaha

Also, I'd like to give the Strength and Honor Award to Andre Di Felice for doing Aslan and Aslan into The Marble—nice work!

there isn't anymore. you don't have to click this.


Carlo Traversi said...

That fisheye photo of Sunshine is badass!

Bombchell said...

that looked like fun, hmm never been climbing, might need to check that out.