Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy Flash Tent!!!

Lazy Outdoor Enthusiasts Unite! Your portable shelter of preference has arrived. Be introduced to Eldorado Outdoor Products commencement into the world of camping.

I have always dreaded assembling a tent, probably because I'm lazy and I typically arrive at campsites sometime in the wee hours of the morning after driving most the night after a work week. Not only did I dread assembling, but also disassembling. Tents are just a pain in the ass. You have poles, tarps, rain flies and a general mess on your hands. Well, exhale your anticipatory breathes, your savior from the general riff raff, rinky dink, complicated tent situation has landed.

Eldorado Outdoors is offering a very bueno product called the Wind Ridge 3-Second Flash Tent. You've seen gimmick tent products that offer you fast and easy assembly, but they always seem to fail in quality and construction. This Eldo product is Locker, Trucker, Splitter, or whatever other colloquial climber term you would like to input.

The Amenities according to Bronco:

1) Serious Pockets for books, iPods, headlamps, midnight snackies
2) Great Shoe Pocket feature accessible from outside and inside
3) Floor Tarp material attached, so no need for external tarps! Plus, tarp material extends 6 inches up the inside side walls of the tent. Now all those mud/jello wrestling scenarios are possible.
4) Did I mention that you set this tent up in 3 Seconds! Just to clarify.
5) Affordable!!! To sound like an infomercial...Act Now and You save $20 dollars for this One Time, Limited, Promotional Price of $169.99.

No, seriously, this is an affordable product at this price. Obviously, your not getting a go to K2, epic wind, the world is ending but I'm safe in my tent, tent, but you are getting a suitable tent for most seasons that is easy up and down and durable.

Thank God that American convenience living has finally come to the outdoor world with quality! The Eldorado tent is a very worthy product for you to check out on the site that is posted above. Videos, Pictures and more in depth vital info is available for your curious minds. Now, go buy one!

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