Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey kids, keep sending in your photos for the Photo Me contest. So far we have had some good submissions, but we need more!!! Plus I just recieved the F-Stop gear in the mail this week, sick! Remember, send them to PIMPINANDCRIMPIN@GMAIL.COM. DO IT!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I won't bore you with details of how busy we are, or that our pirated internet is down, or that we have been climbing or drinking every night, but I guess I just did. Stay tuned though, good things coming your way soon...

Speaking of photos, check two things for me. Big Andy means big pimpin and crimpin. He just got back from the Valley where he documented two Midwesterners in an attempt to climb Half Dome and the Captain in a day! Scope it here. Okay, that's really just one thing. Enjoy your weekends, we're headed back to Rifle town!

Photo: some dude on some classic rifle choss route

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wig said...

That's CVL climbing something on the anti phil. maybe philibuster? i'm not sure. oh and that's me belaying.