Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mt. Evans, Colorado—Solstice



I headed up to Mt. Evans this Saturday with Jason Kehl and Abbey Smith to try my project—Bierstadt (V10), Abbey's project—Silverback (V11), and Jason's project—City Walls of Dying Dreams sit down start (V11-first ascent Adam Osterhoff). It was a great day even though no one sent...We got an early start (9:30 am)—which I only agreed to after a considerable bribe of coffee, pastries and smokes from Abbey. I used to ONLY be a post-noon climber, psyched to head to Chaos when the crowds were leaving, psyched for 1 hour of climbing for 3 driving + 2 hiking. But, maybe I've changed. Now I'm like, "DAVE GRAHAM GET THE FUCK OFF THE COUCH SO WE CAN GO CLIMBING!" Beware dogowners, there's a ferocious porcupine near Area B that looks like a carpet square crossed with a dragon crossed with a manta ray. Getting those fuckers out of your dog's gums is no fun for anyone.

Jason Kehl
City Walls of Dying Dreams sds

Area B
Abbey Smith on a Dave Hume classic

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sock hands said...

word. for the record: i tried kelly's beta on bierstadt and got shut the eff down... thus, the shortie beta makes a substantially more difficult but really spectacular problem. good luck. crush!