Friday, June 13, 2008

Letters of the Week


So just when I thought I couldn't fit in here (D.C.) any worse...a girl from my building walks on the elevator and scoffs at me in my Chacos and prAna pants and asks "what exactly are you wearing?" Feeling like a total outcast from the "cool girl" crowd I head out to Great Falls park for some memorial day climbing with a couple friends. Of course the good climbing areas are pretty crowded and there just so happens to be a group of guys that I like to call the "gawkers" They stare at you amazed at the sight of a female climber but are afraid to come say anything, then they jump on the hardest climb to try and impress you. So this particular group of "gawkers" keeps on staring at me as if they have never seen a female before, finally one of the brave "gawkers" emerges from the pack....he first apologizes for he and his friends staring at me but that they thought I looked exactly like the climber cutie of the week on a climbing website called pimpin and crimpin. I started laughing and was like well actually I am that girl, congrats on meeting me. They even wanted to get pictures with me thinking I was some pseudo celebrity for having been on the site.
Just when I thought I couldn't be any more of an outcast up here, P&C made me a celebrity for a day. Thanks P&C!

Beka! This is plain awesomeness, I actually stand in awe of it! We pick the Cute Climber of the Week for good reason, you're girls, you're climbers, you're HOT! Obviously, no exception to you. Glad we could bolster your spirits.

Whoever says we're just a bunch of worthless, frustrated, jobless, climbing bums is wrong! We're changing people's lives here at P&C! Congrats on your hotness, Beka—keep up the good work!

Hey P&C crew, something I have noticed is the interesting connection between the climbing community and rap. Gimme some NWA, Snoop, Jay Z any day and I'll eat it up. I just wanted to prod your climbing culture savvy minds to get an answer, whatever it may be, as to why a bunch of predominately uber white climbers choose rap as their genre of choice. When did this connection begin? What does it mean? This may be a self explanatory question.

Keep bloggin,
John Oxford

Johnny boy, may I call you Johnny Boy? Good question my whizzle. Just because white man can't jump, dance, or look cool with a 20lb gold chain swinging from his neck don't mean we can't enjoy us some hip hop. It does seem strange that dirty, skinny, white people in crags all across the world gravitate towards some form of hip hop or rap. We generally don't ball very hard, except in our own little climbing world niche. But hot damn! Hip Hop is just plain awesome! I think it makes us feel like BAMFs. So, live by these words from Ice Cube, the Warlord, "Gangsta rap made me do it..."


Well, maybe we should just quote white rappers from here on out, you know, Eminem, Buck 65, who else...? Oh yeah, Hitler.

Limit: Bronco is right. Rap make you feel like a badass mutherfucker. Twenty five years ago it would have been Big Hair Rock n Roll, now referred to as Mullet Rock which is only listened to by hicks from Tuttle, Oklahoma who live in a trailer park, have dipped since before they could walk, and think that Kiss was the crowning pinnicle of achievment for western music. This is 2008 and cool people listen to rap. We are cool. Or at least we're trying our damnedest.


esteban said...

hitler? i didn't know he rapped! i think i'll sit down with a drum machine and read mein kampf and just see how it happens. i wonder if it will be like watching wizard of oz while tripping and listening to the hopes aren't too high.

i do think it's funny that most of the oklahomie guys, at least that i know started out listening to more folky acoustic (read hippie) music, but somewhere along the way, their feet started tapping to a different beat.

that was about the time though that adam started "swinging from the other side of the plate" so maybe there's a correlation.

i for one like to get in the wig mobile and see what he's got to listen to that i've never heard of. it's good to expand our horizons. especially with trying to find ways to go light like shaving our balls or with tunes about bling and our babies mamas.

C-note said...

The whole white people listening to black people music argument is so nineteen fifties! Now that we're in the two-thousands, we can listen to whatever we want! It's not about color, it's about good music, silly. Now, I KNOW you've heard of the internet-so go out and use it! Relax, download some good shit and dance your ass off! You'll feel better, trust me.