Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday

The weekly toast comes to you with praise and astonishment this week as Justin Sjong and Tommy Caldwell have accomplished big wall free business the likes of which have not been seen. These two skilled and super sick professionals have once again proven themselves on the big stone, freeing Magic Mushroom (IV, 13d/14a) in the Valley. Crazy and continuous MM is the future of free climbing on Big Walls. Not only did they climb the route, but they did it in style, swinging leads from the ground up in a single push!

Basically all you need to know about this route to hold it as the proudest free big wall ever is this...28 pitches of climbing, 12 of which are between 13- and 14-, and 9 pithces of 5.12! I'm exhausted just writing that. Cheers boys, great job!


1. Justin on a Free Muir Wall, courtesy of
2. Tommy on the changing corners pitch and the cover of Climbing, courtesy of

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