Saturday, May 31, 2008


Okay, apologies all around for our recent lack of fresh material. Climbing a lot coupled with our pirated home internet connection getting swiped, has caused some problems in our posting situation. Anyhow, I have a couple things to talk about.

Numero Uno. I am frickin psyched today, I sent my project at Primo Wall!!! First rattle out of the box this morning I cruised and how sweet it is. So, onward and upward I go, in search for another obsession.

Numero Dos. Our friend and climbing colleague Les Warnock has arrived in town with a vengeance. The kid has been here for like a week or so and is freaking crushing routes. A boulderer by trade, Les is amped for sport routes during his summer stay in. Even after taking some time off before he got here and with his limited sissy bouldering endurance, Les has dispatched with Sucking My Will to Live 12c, Ken Tanks 12c (second attempt), and Ten Digit Dialing 12c! Psyched to see where this leads.

Numero Tres. This week, for all Front Rangers, or those planning on coming, Dosage V Premieres at the Boulder Theater on Wed night, eight o'clock! Be there or be stupid. After party at Bacaro! For those of you that don't make it I will be writing an amazing review, there's your bone.

Numero Quatro. It's summer!

Photo: Les Warnock crushing something hard in the durty durty!


Climbing Narcissist said...

Litz pocket problem, very nice

hollywoodoutlaw said...

Thats my photo, lol. No worries, just random. I dig pimpincrimpin btw