Friday, May 16, 2008

Ten Things I'd Rather Do: than alpine climbing

1. Chug a bottle of wine with Andrew Bisharat, run 10 miles and throw up.
2. Throw up.
3. Belay Limit on a project that he and I both know he's never going to send.
4. Attempt an onsight solo of a dusty, loose, unnamed spire in the desert in the middle of the summer.
5. Have unprotected sex with Gene Simmons.
6. Read nothing but Joel Osteen for the rest of my life.
7. Boulder at Chandler Park
8. Teach a birthday group of eight-year-olds how to belay at a climbing gym
9. Throw up again.
10. Have mono.


Cassidy said...

This is the most rejected post ive ever read. even i am offended. you need to suck it up and get on the diamond bro. get your balls out of your purse man, i think that they are underneath your tampons.

dachoppera said...

i've regretfully done #7 two days in a row

C-note said...

I'd definitely go with #1