Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whiskey Wednesday

Ahoy! It's Wednesday folks, so I guess that means mid-week debaucherous activities shall commence, I am in the midst as we speak. Honestly, I haven't seen much this week that impresses me to the point of a Wednesday toast, and those things that I have seen or heard about have already gone to people who have received this prestigious honor. So I started thinking about things that impress me and I've come up with this. My weekly award to all things good and pure goes to the gorgeous Boulder females that climb. This town, Boulder, seems to attract a strong, to quite strong amount of crazy hot women who crush! There are too many of you out there to name, so I will keep the field open to the general hot Boulder climber girl. In Conclusion, here's to beautiful Boulder girls, Boulder for hosting them, Christian Griffith for equipping these lovely ladies with short climbing shorts, and Summer for necessitating their use! Cheers ladies.

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