Friday, May 16, 2008

Letters of the week

Pure Swagger (training with limit #1)
I train for alpinism by chugging a bottle of wine and running ten miles ... then, I train for sport climbing by vomiting at some point during the run

-Andrew Bisharat, Carbondale, CO

Wig: I have nothing to say to this.
Bronco: Damn, I was doing it all wrong.
Limit: Sounds miserable. But I guess that's alpinism.
C-Note:  I have to admit, it makes sense. Alcohol kills the pain of running and vomiting makes you lighter. I'll try it and get back to you...

Nastiness Incarnate
I love your blogs, fellas. Two complaints, could you please blog more. I check my email every morning in hopes of a new post. They just don't come enough. Also, please show more tits in the pictures that you post along with the blogs. You have a large male audience, I will guestimate, and we want to see tits. Big juicy ones. On climber sluts. Do it. Thanks, you guys do a great job. Keep is all coming....with more tits.

[P&C note: at this point we left the email without replying for a week or so because we simply didn't know what to say. then we received this]

I get no reply from you fucks? I idolize you all, at least reply.
-Ron Chee

Wig: Dude. issues...
Bronco: I hear you got a special present in the form of a video link. Hopefully, that will keep you satisfied for the time being.
Limit: You can thank me for that video. Kinky, no?

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