Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Tower Club

Most of you I'm sure have heard of the Mile High Club where you try to get lucky in the bathroom of an air plane on as many flights as you can. Now while as exciting as may seem to get your joint worked while flying over the Washington Monument, how much fun can you really have in a loos so cramped it's uncomfortable for one Chinese gymnast? And besides, we're climbers and we need our own special clubs and rating systems.

I give you the Tower Club. The goal is as simple as it is symbolic. Try to get lucky atop a desert tower. The rules are pretty straight forward. You must be the only party on top of the tower (unless the other parties are also, in fact copulating) One point if you get laid. Double points if you take your harness off entirely. Triple points if you both actually get off. Negative points if animals are involved...

Here is the rating schedule:
Bronze Member: 1 point
Silver Member: 2-5 points
Gold Member: 5 or more points

Get busy!


zibaby said...

by "only party" does this mean I can be alone for one point?

"Gold Member" is the name I give the largest big bro. Have you seen this 18 incher?

Limit said...

Only if you're schizophrenic

Robert said...

I guess Baldy Peak doesn't count as a "desert tower"?

wig said...

I would count it. only because limit has been developing a sexual maneuver called a "hot baldy" which seems to me like that's qualification enough.