Thursday, May 22, 2008


Alright good and faithful P&Cers, we are extremely curious about what ya'll are psyched on right now. May it be Alpine, clip-ups, trad, blocs, a road trip, beer, whatever, write us and tell us all about it. I'll start.

I tried this route at our home crag last fall about 8 times and I got back on it after work yesterday. Psyched! New beta was thrown our way from Mister Matt Lloyd and I watched Derek piss all over the thing as I pulled up to the crag. The route, River Run, a super physical short route at Primo Wall. Probably the MOST physical route I have tried to date, but I got amped when I grunted my way through most of it and hit the crux pinch yesterday. It's mine, I can taste the success. Right now, totally obsessed! I found myself pantomiming as I worked today, that's lame, I know, but I can't help it. It's on manana after I get off work!

So share and share alike kids, let us know what you are up to.


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